• Officers

      GCAS Officers

      President: Andrew Baran

      Vice President: Glen Mason

      Treasurer: Barbara Garcia

      Secretary: Eric Jacobsen

      GCAS Chairpersons

      Auction: Phil Benes

      FAAS and PIJAC Rep: Jerry Riegel

      Breeders Award Program: Todd Leising

      Horticulture Award Program: Mike Roberts

      Fincinnati Newsletter Editor: Steve Smith

      Membership & Donations: Cindy Weeden

      Program & Speakers: Cindy Weeden Barbara Garcia

      Webmaster: Ramon Garcia

      Swap Meet:Eric Jacobsen

      Manufacturers Donations: Jan Benes

      C.A.R.E.S. Program: Marcus Christy

      Picture Of The Month: TBD

      Banquet: Cindy Weeden