12 inch plus true tiger shovel nose catfish for sale at $425 firm. The fish is currently in Detroit Michigan, but I would be happy to bring the fish back to my house next weekend and have it available for pick-up Sunday January 22nd. This is a very special fish and has special requirements as it grows large and is predatory. I can email you a picture of this fish if you are interested, but please serious inquiries only as this fish is in a petstore and will sell at this price, so before you ask, no the price will not be lowered.

Payment must be received in advance and must be picked up within one week of January 22th as I do not have the facilities to keep this animal long term. If you would like a picture or would like to communicate directly with the store owner (my oldest son) pm me your email address.

Here is an internet link if you want some basic information on this species: