so recently I bought a new shower head from lowes, it was discounted severely because it was missing the hanger for the shower nozzle. I figured no big deal when I bought it, I'll just call moen up and get them to send me another one, if they don't I'll just return it. Not only did Moen send a new hanger, but they sent the complete assembly, packaging and all. I called them up last friday 4/13, they said they would ship it out monday 4/16. I got it on wednesday 4/18 by fedex. needless to say I am incredibly happy with their customer service even though I am planning on returning the original purchase to lowe's in hamilton. The customer service rep I dealt with was incredibly polite, helpful and attentive. The only bad thing I can say is wait times (on hold), what can I say I am impatient. Called up, left a # for a call back, got called back 10 minutes later, was on hold for 2-3 minutes, and dealt with the very nice csr for maybe 3 minutes.

I figured out of all the companies I have dealt with that have horrid customer service (Current USA in particular), I'd also let everyone now of great companies to deal with even though they aren't aquarium related