so today, while looking at my main planted aquarium, I noticed some eggs, the weird thing is they look to large for anything in my main tank. the centers are white and the rest of it is off white/opaqish. The eggs are sticky, as they are adhering to glass and stems of plants. they are about 1/16" of an inch across, just a little bit larger than a celestial pearl danio eye and they are found randomly on the left side of my aquarium, below my water return (more later). The eggs are not packaged into groups, they are seen singly here and there, kinda scatter in about a 1'x1' area The stocking list for this tank is as follows:

2m/1f CPD
Endler's livebearers (so of course no eggs from these)
2 BN's (unsure of sex, about 2" total length, thinking they are definately to small to lay eggs yet, besides that they are in the open and ungaurded)
RCS (they carry their eggs in their swimmerettesand these eggs look larger)
misc snails (several different varieties that hitchhiked on plants)
assasin snails

there is also the possibility that they came from the lower refugium tank, where water gets circulated back up into the main tank. the stocking list is as follows:
10 Roseline sharks from 2"-3.5" (guestimate)
3 Boesemani Rainbows (2" just added on Sunday 4/22)
2 clown loaches (each about an inch)
1 BN
zebra danios
1 killifish (99% sure its male)
1 green cory (about 1" just added sunday 4/22)
1 rasbora het.