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    ACA 2012 Convention

    The ACA 2012 in Indianapolis is almost here! Feeling the excitement in the air!

    Are you going? Started this thread to keep track of those who are going and anyone having any questions about the convention. Rooms are filling up fast! From a friend that called around and checked it out; all the other hotels in the area are booked up for the dates. So you better get your reservations in now, before they are all gone!

    If you have never been to one of these, this is the time to go! The ACA conventions travel across the country to different states/cities each year. We have hosted a few times in Cincinnati as well. But it will probably be a long while before it is held here again. So being in Indianapolis is about as close as it will be for years to come. If you can only make it up for a day, do it! Just register for the convention and go for that day! You do not have to stay at the hotel to go to the convention, just need to register.

    Ask someone who has been, and you are likely to get an hour long talk from them about it! It is a great time for fish lovers! From the speakers, the fish show, fish auctions, BITCH's auctions, room to room fish shopping, and on and on.....

    There are speakers from all over the world going to be there! You may or may not have heard of them all, but if you are into fish at all, then I know you have heard of some of them. Many of the books you have read about fish will have these peoples' names and pictures in them! If they are not directly listed as the authors themselves! There are fish named after several of them as well!

    The cichlid fish show: Ever wonder what a particular fish looks like in person full grown? Here is your chance to see some of the most beautiful cichlids in the country! As well as some of the more rarer cichlids in the hobby! From full grown 1-2 inch cichlids to full sized 12+ inch cichlids, you never know what you will see there! Cichlids from all areas of the world will be shown in the fish show.

    There are several auctions during the course of the convention. They usually have a Guy Jordan Fish Auction that runs through the entire convention. This consists of both more common type cichlids to some of the more rarest and/or hard to find cichlids. It is usually a silent auction that can be a whole lot of fun! All the fish in this auction are donated, and all the proceeds go to the Guy Jordan Fund for cichlid research. There is usually two different auctions for the BITCHs. One of the BITCH's auction is a silent auction for goods. This auction usually has some very rare or odd items in it. They are all hardware type "things" that are associated with fish, just not actual fish. Such things might include stuff like T-shirts, cups or glasses, notebooks, filters, and all kinds of crazy fish doo-dads. Then they also have the BITCH's fish auction, which usually has some of the more high priced rare/hard to find cichlids. All of these fish have also been donated and again all the proceeds go to the Guy Jordan Fund for cichlid research.

    On Sunday they have a final huge auction. They usually have fish tanks raffles, and hardware, and many fish in it. You never know what you will find in this auction.

    Then there is the really fun part, that I really enjoy greatly! The room to room shopping network, lol. People have brought fish to the convention to sell! You can travel up and down the hallways of the hotel, and visit people in their rooms to buy fish! Yes, they have tanks and such set up in the hotel rooms, and are selling fish out of them! With so many people coming form all over the country, you never know what you might find for sale this way. They also have a rental room, where you can rent a tank to hold your fish for the weekend if you like, or you can buy/sell fish out of these tanks as well! Doing this, you get to meet and talk with many a people from all walks of life. I like visiting old convention friends as well as making new ones! Many of them love to have company to just sit for a spell and talk fish. Telling old stories and creating new ones! It is a great time!

    Each evening they have a room set aside for winding down from the long days of cichlid fun. They usually have free chips, pop, and beer. But the best part of this is in two parts. First, the listening and telling of fish stories. Everyone here has an interesting story to tell. Some are of scientific fish knowledge, like how they spawned a hard to spawn fish, or different attempts at setups, etc, you never know what kind of knowledge you will hear and learn about from others. They all love to hear new stories and learn from you as well! The second, you never know who will be there! You ever wanted to rub elbows with some of the speakers and talk with them? Many of them frequent into here as well. They would love to chat with you about fish or answer any questions you might have. And sometimes you may even see famous fish people here that are not speaking at the convention, but traveled to it anyway!

    If you cannot come up and stay the entire time of the convention, then just come and stay what you can! It will be well worth your while just to see it! If you can only come up for a day, then make an entire day of it! Register for the convention and come up and see a speaker or two. Travel the rooms for odd and/or rare fish in the hobby. Go the to the Guy Jordan auctions, visit the fish show room, have fun!

    There are some of the wildest and funnest times in fish keeping happening at this convention! It is probably the greatest time you will have related to the fish hobby! But just remember one thing if you go..... What happens at the ACA Convention, stays at the ACA convention! LOL, LOL.

    I'll see ya'all there!
    There is always a bigger fish. . . . . .

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    I know I'll be there. Working my butt off all week helping with setup and tear down. I can't wait though! With all due respect to GCAS, those of us in the CCAC are trying to make this the best ACA convention ever. You guys have thrown some great ones and we want to outdo you. Hope to see lots of you there.

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    Count me in Marcus. I will be there for the entire event. Looking forward to it.
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    Looks like Jan and I will be there starting on Tuesday. Somehow I got talked into lending a helping hand, again.... I have to learn how to say no.....

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    At this point, I may be driving up early one day and heading back home that night. Not real sure yet.
    Darryl (o\ ! /o)

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    I'll be there!

    Here's a thought. "Show Your Colors" - since Saturday is the busiest day of the convention - let's "show our GCAS Colors" by wearing the 2009 T-Shirt Fish Wars - The Hybrid Menace - on that day. Typically convention goers wear their T-shirts from previous conventions - so let's ALL wear the 2009 shirt on the same day!

    I hope you Circle City folks do outshine what GCAS did in '09. You better saddle up a LOT of horses! Good luck!
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