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Thread: Snail out of water

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    Snail out of water

    I had a 29 in the basement in dry storage for almost two years and about two months ago put a rock in it (fish were fighting over the rock). So there is the background of this dry tank. I filled it up today to cycle it and what do I see strolling up the glass but two assassin snails... How long can assassin snails live without any water?

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    apparently 2 plus months lol
    not sure i had snails out my accident for a week or so or text 513-484-144 nine if you want a quick response much easier than pms for me
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    Did you leave the filter on the tank? Snails are notorious for living long periods of time in or on a damp filter

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    The tank had no filter, and was completely dry for two years. The rock, however, is a very porous type and the culprits were able to maintain moisture inside of it somehow, I guess. Ghost snails...
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