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Thank You from Rit Forcier

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  • Thank You from Rit Forcier

    Thanks to everyone who helped host Rit last week!

    this from Rit Forier after his visit to GCAS last Sunday...

    Hi Barbara,

    I am just now getting back to my place in CT. The flights back were both delayed due to weather.

    By now you must have heard that I made it to the meeting early and my presentation went over fine. I received many nice comments.

    Your club has a charming meeting place! One of the nicer I have seen.

    Thanks to Andrew and Cindy, Dan Ellis, Jan your President, Steve who took me around today and Mark, the school teacher, who drove me back to the hotel after the meeting, and everyone who had a question.

    Please tell Alicia, the 12 year old and her dad that they have Chapalychthys pardalis, and its typical common name is "Polkadot Goodeid" .

    That hotel was a cut above - and appreciated.

    I have other programs, like "collecting in Florida", "Three Weeks in Mexico", "Fishkeeping in Scotland" that you might consider for the future. Hopefully air fares will be easier next time.

    Joke of the day: I would never spend that kind of money to hear me speak!!

    Thanks for everything!

    GCAS Treasurer