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February Guest Speaker - Carl Groenenwegen

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  • February Guest Speaker - Carl Groenenwegen

    The Wonderful World of Guppies
    Carl Groenewegen was born and raised on a farm in Ontario, Canada. As a farm kid, he was introduced to genetics and the role they played in pork production. While his father was interested in body fat indexes and speed-to- market, Carl was fascinated by the different colors and markings that were produced as breeding stock rotated through their barns. Then the 6th grade science teacher asked, “Who will look after the guppies for the summer break?”... and that was it, he was hooked!

    Starting with guppies, he progressed through breeding all of the livebearers: African and South American cichlids, Plecos, and various catfish. Finally, he settled on angelfish in his 4th fish room. During the 1990s, Carl supplied about 1/3 of the angelfish for the Ontario retail pet trade through distributor channels.

    Carl is the President of the newly formed IFGA-sanctioned Allegheny Guppy Club, and a past president of KWAS (Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society).

    He is the founder of the Facebook group Guppy Gene Collectors, which is comprised of many members who consistently win international guppy shows and are regarded as master breeders. Also among the membership are a number of highly regarded genetics professors and students from around the world.

    Currently Carl is studying over 50 isolated Poecilia reticulata traits in this fish room located in Liberty Township, Ohio.
    GCAS Treasurer