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GCAS Does Not Read Your Private Messages

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  • GCAS Does Not Read Your Private Messages

    Another club in the USA has been going thru a lot of turmoil because the officers were rumored to be reading private messages.

    I just wanted to inform everyone that no one in the GCAS reads your private messages in this forum.

    I have the necessary access to log directly into the database and read the raw data. No one else does. I choose not to read your private messages for a few reasons:

    1) I'm an IT professional by trade, and consider it an issue of professional integrity and personal honesty.

    2) I respect your privacy as much as my own.

    3) I really don't care about your conversations, and I have better things to do with my time.

    To clarify, I did in fact get the raw data once when a member made a direct request to me to get a lost PM. It was a few years ago, and many people were dissociated from their PM's after a software upgrade. As I remember it, the person had a transaction going on, and their only link to the other person was this PM. I found it, got the info that was needed, and got out. I honestly don't even remember who the person was or what the deal was... Which goes back to point #3 above.

    Another point of clarification:
    GCAS does not have any patches. We are running the stock version of the forum so that security updates are quick and easy and so that maintenance is easier. The downfall of this is that we get all the SPAM user registrations posting links to porn sites and ED pills.
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