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Rules for selling item @ the monthly meetings

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  • Rules for selling item @ the monthly meetings

    I seems that from time to time we get members that would like to use our meetings as a clearing house. This is OK IF done in the proper manner.
    By this I mean that members can post their items for sale and state the they will be attending the meeting. ALL sales MUST be prearranged. Nobody will be permitted to set up a table and sell.

    Reason for this is as follows:
    Our contract with the rental hall does not allow for this. The club gets a special waiver each year inorder to auction the BAP/HAP/MCAP items.

    Also, if somebody was permitted to sell it would be a great disstraction to the meeting.

    If somebody really need a way to unload a lot of fish and plant they can use the Auction. This will also benefit the club that we all enjoy.

    If anybody wishes to discuss this further, feel free to contact any of the Officers or myself.

    Thanks for your understanding
    Mark Murtaugh