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  • Gary Lange Rainbowfish Breeder/Collector

    New memeber suggestion here. Im not sure who you have had speak in the past. Id love to hear him speak.

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    That's a good idea JC. Gary Lange has been to GCAS at least twice since I've been in the club ('06). One talk was on photography, the most recent was on one of his trips "down under". It's been 4 years or so since he's been here to speak. There seem to be a few more people interested in Rainbowfish these - your idea might go somewhere.
    Eric Jacobsen
    Dues paying member of GCAS since '06
    Swap Meet Chairman 2009 to 2016

    "If you can't do the water changes, then please keep turtles instead." - Gary Lange


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      I bet his talk on his trip was a good one. Definitely a bucket list place to visit.


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        If you are up to a road trip, Sunday, March 11th I will be speaking at the Louisville, KY club meeting. My topic is Rainbowfish My Way. I will talk about how I have kept, breed and raised over 30 species of bows for the 35plus years I have kept this fish.

        Here is a link to their Facebook page:

        Phil Benes
        GCAS Auction Chair
        ACA Convention Liaison
        ACA 2016 Annual Convention Chairman
        ACA Fellow


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          Thanks for the info!


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            So.... any chance we can get Mr Lange to speak at one of our meeting that we need filled. Seems like theres some interest.