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anyone excited about auction? any lists?

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  • anyone excited about auction? any lists?

    just over a month away, anyone know what they are bringing?
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    50 views, but no one's listed anything yet. Maybe it's too early?

    I'll be bringing the following:
    More fish.

    Stay tuned for more details : )


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      It probably is too early.
      I'll be bringing more than my typical amount, and the first two listed species are likely considered NEW and RARE at fish club auctions:

      Aequidens sp. "Jenaro Herrera" some 1.75" to 2" juvies.
      Skiffia francesae - a pair or two. A goodeid type of livebearer - possibly extinct in the wild.

      Tatia intermedia "woodcats" young fish, 2 inches +/-
      Gold Occelatus - shell dweller

      Aquarium strain of swordtails - xiphophorus. White fish, and some white with black specks.

      ADDED 10/15 - Melanotaenia praecox - "Pagai Village" location. A young adult breeding group. Not yet to half of their full grown size, but spawning.

      GLEN - aren't you the guy that was ordering fish from a west coast supplier, and bringing some unusual, rarely seen at auctions type of species?
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      Eric Jacobsen
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      "If you can't do the water changes, then please keep turtles instead." - Gary Lange


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        Im ready I will have lots of angles again and some other stuff


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          Originally posted by Ed Gray View Post
          Im ready I will have lots of angles again and some other stuff
          90 degree angles? 45 degree angles? Or some mixed angles? : )


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            Tentative list (All young fish)

            Hilstream loach (Sewellia lineolata)
            Choprae danio
            Daisy's rice fish
            Maybe a bag of rainbows as well.


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              I will be bringing some real nice long fin paeatus cories, agassizzi cories, bristle nose brown plecos, red chilli endlers, and some very red dwarf shrimp.
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                OK...let's start getting these fish and plant lists posted. CAFE members are asking via FaceBook, and LTFF members were asking last night at their meeting..."what are people bringing?" If folks from 100 miles away are interested - let's post up!
                Eric Jacobsen
                Dues paying member of GCAS since '06
                Swap Meet Chairman 2009 to 2016

                "If you can't do the water changes, then please keep turtles instead." - Gary Lange


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                  Well I will be bringing a large variety of fish for the auction. Below is what I will most likely be bringing to the auction:

                  African Cichlids:
                  Psuedotropheus elongatus Cherewe F1 Breeding grp
                  Cynotilapia afra “lions cove”
                  Burundi frontosa
                  Neolamprologus helianthus
                  Sciaenochromis fryeri
                  Neolamprologus tetracanthus
                  Yellow Labidochromis
                  Standard Kribs

                  Everything else:
                  Angel fish breeding pairs
                  Bristlenose plecos
                  Assassin snails
                  Clown Kilifish
                  Yellow Guppies
                  And possibly some various plants

                  Brandon Miner HAP Chair


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                    Keeping it Simple I am hoping to Bring:

                    2 Bags Tux Guppies 2 Pr breeders and 6-8 fry to a bag These are Red /Orange and Black Blue.
                    2 Bags Red Guppies 2 Pr and a few fry
                    1 Bag 4 Bristle nosed Pleco these are Hetro for Albino unsexed as of the auction.
                    1 Bag 3 Bristle nosed Pleco Hetro for Albino Unsexed
                    2 Bags of 3 Albino Bristle Nosed Unsexed

                    If anyone is Interested I can Bring 2 Bags of 2 dozen roughly Feeder guppies not sure if the Auction is Place to move these. LOL.

                    Mike Guilfoyle
                    Flounder 1967

                    Do what you can to help someone else have a good day.


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                      As a reminder, and please keep in mind.. Anacharis is on the Ohio invasive species list and is banned in the state from (owning, distributing, etc.) and will not be accepted at the auction.


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                        Here's what I plan on bringing next Saturday:

                        Trio - Nanochromis Parilus 'nudiceps'
                        Pair - Enigmatochromis Lucannsii
                        4 - Bolivian Rams mixed sexes
                        Group - Corydoras Schwartzi ( mixed sexes )
                        2 pairs brown bushynose
                        2 pairs albino bushynose
                        6 Ringed loaches
                        6 Khuli loaches
                        1 large Geophagus Altifrons
                        1 lone Chocolate Cichlid

                        If times permits catching them, and the frame of mind I'm in, I may bring the following:



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                          Bringing nothing, taking nothing home; working on reducing my carbon footprint! Plus, I still don’t have fish. I may not make it this time, to be a “runner.” We have three events scheduled for that day as it is already. Happy fishing everyone.


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                            Here's what I'm bringing

                            Ancistrus Schneeflocke
                            Ink Fin Calvus
                            Super Red Ancistrus Pairs
                            Super Red Ancistrus Juvies
                            Long Fin Albino Ancistrus
                            Assassin Snails
                            Hi Fin Lyretail Swordtails with regular Swordtails for breeding
                            Albino Red Guppies
                            Jerry R