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    Those Jehmco linear pumps are sweet. I've had one running for 20 years.
    Jerry R


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      So I figured we're getting closer to Ground Hog day and it's time to post some of the item's we'll be hauling with us.
      Big ole pieces of Lace Rock
      Malaysian bogwood
      Caribsea sand and gravel
      45g Tank, Stand, Filter, Light, and sand ( pictures coming )
      Assorted aquarium stuff no one can live without

      Neon Dwarf Rainbow
      Green Fire Tetra
      Dumbo Ear Bettas
      Featherfin Knife

      Bolivian Rams ( M. Altispinosus )
      Geophagus Balzani
      Crenicichla sp. ( Belly crawler pike )
      T. Salvini
      M. Lombardoi ( Kenyi )

      Corydoras simulatus
      Corydoras Habrosus
      Farowella acus ( Twig cat )
      Hara Jerdoni ( Stone Cat )
      B. Coracoideus ( Banjo Cat )

      The list is tentative and I'll add more as I figure out who's gotta go or who gets to stay.
      If there's something on the list that sparks your interest, shoot me a pm and we'll make sure it's packed up on ground hog day.
      Punxsutawney Phil and I will see you there ....


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        ....a true cinematic gem--Groundhog Day. However, not quite as good as that all-time classic: Caddyshack. I have a great (and this time true) story about Punxsutawney, PA and Phil. Ask me about it sometime. Some would also say that groundhog is another name for sausage. In either case, the swap is on groundhog day. I'm not sure how i let that go unnoticed for so long. we could have had a lot of fun with that one. Thanks to our "calendar boy" Glen for bringing it to our attention.

        In more important news, thanks for gettin your list out there. The spoils of the swap skirmish will go to those that fire first and fire often. Git your table and then get your list on!! I think I'm gonna put an L in front of the names of all my fish--i think they go for more money then.

        Mr. Jerry Beagle--thanks for the plug for the pump. Given your reputation in the club for knowin your stuff, i suspect i will be able to sell it for more than i paid for it--cuz its been slightly broken in. don't tell us we gotten nuttin to do. we got a swap to blow out.



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          Full Black guppies
          All Red guppies
          Red Snakeskin guppies
          Half Black Leopard guppies
          Half Black Sky Blue guppies
          Red Painted swordtails
          Neon Green swordtails
          Lyretail Neon Green swordtail
          Panda corys
          Cory sp CW010 (orange lasers)
          L-66 catfish 1.5 inch+ fry
          Royal Farlowellas 2 pairs
          Loricaria sp. `RIO ATABAPO` breeding group

          Blue blushing pearlscale,
          Gold marble pearlscales
          Pairs and adult sized individuals-

          Millenium Rainbows- Glosolepis pseudoincisus
          Pairs and extra Males
          Melanoataenia boesmani-
          Melanotaenia Parkinsoni-
          Melanotaenia praecox-

          Editor of the Fincinnati


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            Chilatherina cf fasciata
            “Unggalum” F-2. Parents purchased from Gary Lange in August 2018 (Looking for New? or Rare? - this is IT!) I'll have three month old fry for sale.

            Melanotaenia trifasciata “Goyder River” Three sizes available. Three month old fry / Juvies, 1.5" +/-, and two sets of Proven Breeder Adults.

            Melanotaenia Boesemani Rosario La Corte Strain. Two sizes - Two month old fry and One Proven Breeding Group 1Male / 9Female.

            Peacocks - A. baenschi "Benga" Juvies approx. 2" Will be sold in groups of 3 or 4, with each group containing one male in "starting to color up mode" Nice stock - my breeders from Vu Ma in Indy.

            Phenochilus "Star Saphire" Juvies - 2" up to 3" (males are larger than the females). Limited quantities of groups of 3 - one male / two female.

            Najas Grass - aka "Guppy Grass"

            Java Fern

            A few oddball sponge filters

            ALL OF THESE FISH ARE KEPT IN PLAIN TAP WATER - to answer a question raised by Odin33.

            I'll be editing this list a time or two prior to SWAP SATURDAY

            Also - I'm not interested in doing any pre-sales. See me at 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, Feb. 2 at The Harry Wilks Conference Center, 1601 University Blvd Hamilton OH 45011
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            Eric Jacobsen
            Dues paying member of GCAS since '06
            Swap Meet Chairman 2009 to 2016

            "If you can't do the water changes, then please keep turtles instead." - Gary Lange


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              I'm just an ole' Hound Dog. Plus that is my favorite song.
              Jerry R


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                ...ya know how you can tell its a piece of Glen's Malaysian the (you guessed it) ...bark. Somebody was asking a few weeks ago whether there was going to be any rainbows at this swap. I think the last several posts indicate that you should be able to find a lot of quality rainbows. For you buyers, these (and many of the other sellers) are very experienced hobbyists. An advantage of the swap is that you can find great quality and have an informative conversation with the breeder of the fish you are considering buying. Sometimes the advice is worth as much as the fish.

                this is a kid friendly event--great chance for them to learn a lot too!! we love the next generation in the hobby.

                did somebody say there were still a couple of indoor tables left?? yes, why yes, i think they did. come on now--let's pack that room to the gills. 3 hrs is gone in a blink and cash jumping into your pocket will set you up for the March auction. Its amazing how this can work. We just keep the fish money circulating within the hobby--the more the better. I think the economists amongst us would recognize this as part of the velocity of money theory.

                i'm sensing a bit of a dog theme emerging for this swap (please leave them at home, unless they resemble the minature ponies of several posts back).

                supposed to snow tomorrow--what better thing to do than to look up your ol PayPal pal and buy a table. Also, more lists will get the crowd linin' up at the door.

                all for now--your stuck record,



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                  Eric, what kind of water are the bosmani kept in? Apologies as I tried every way possible from my phone to send an IM and am running into difficulties.

                  Upgrades and sytem updates can be rough but this one seems to be exceptionally challenging to overcome.
                  "It's a dog eat dog world, and I'm wearing milk bone underwear." -Norm Peterson


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                    Will the new venue have access to power? I know the old place had limited outlets inside.


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                      Originally posted by Cinccycat View Post
                      Will the new venue have access to power? I know the old place had limited outlets inside.
                      Still limited, but more consistently available throughout the room.
                      Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.

                      -Groucho Marx


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              , Kravitz's comment on "consistent, but still limited" for electricity only applies to those of you table buyers that will be fortunate to have bought a table inside. the rest of you last minute table buyers might not have a long enough extension cord. of course if you plan on selling frozen tuna, haddock and the like--i guess warmth is not your friend. be a fair weather fan and git your table now. next year is a long way away.

                        a word to our buyers. that's a big parking lot at Miami U Hamilton Branch (same place as the auctions) but it could fill up fast. you might want to tailgate the night before. we thought about sellin' parkin' spots--those with indoor bathroom access would have gone for a premium--but the Board of this Esteemed Club (best in all the land, btw)--said if no birds, no reptiles, no rodents, no bovine, etc. then no selling parking places. not sure how they relate--but if you look at the average age of that board--you might get a hint. Next year, valet parking. With a kid with a grocery cart haulin your full boxes right up to the car parked just outside the door and you whisking your fish home before they could even think about getting cold and certainly well before you found your car out in that packed lot. RV and camping trailer pullers--please park on the very N or W sides of the lot--that will keep the wind off the rest of us.

                        the lists are starting to populate this thread (see above)--its just but a tease for all the other cool things to buy, sell and haggle over.

                        GCAS SWAP 2019 is headed your way.

                        ol dutchman--the king of run-on sentences