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Ancistrus sp. and the Longfin gene

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  • Ancistrus sp. and the Longfin gene

    I have been doing some breeding experiments for a number of years concerning the Longfin gene in our "Aquarium strain" Ancistrus. My conclusions, and these are mine based on my observations, is that the Longfin (LF) is inherited and acts the same as the Veiltail gene in Angelfish. Standard fin (SF) are the short finned fish that Mother Nature typically produces. The LF fish were developed from mutants that appeared in a number of hatches. Super Longfins (SLF) are also available. The LF gene is dominant. A fish carrying one copy of the gene will be long finned. Just because it came from LF stock doesn't mean that a SF fish will produce LF offspring. Most of our LF's have one LF and one SF gene. The SF acts as a regulator which gives us the beautiful Veils that we all appreciate. In my opinion, SLF (Super Veils) are the least attractive of the fin lengths. The extra long finnage tends to bow, twist, and/or break over and is so heavy that the fish can barely move. Here are the results of breeding the different fin lengths:

    SF x SF= SF
    LF x SF=50% LF, 50% SF
    LF x LF= 25% SF, 50% LF, 25% SLF
    SLF x SF= 100# LF
    SLF x LF= 50% SLF, 50% LF
    SLF x SLF= 100% SLF

    I would like to note that I didn't do the last breeding listed. As stated, I am not a fan of the SLF, so I try not to breed them. Again, these are my observations. Feel free to set up your own breeding experiments. We have plenty of genetic material to pick from.

    Tony Anderson
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    Thanks for posting Tony.