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For Lenny Llambi: Amano Shrimp "Methuselah"

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  • For Lenny Llambi: Amano Shrimp "Methuselah"


    I tried to PM you this, but am having a technical issue of some kind with PMing through my old username account, so I post this here for you and everyone else to see:

    Mark Weierman here. I'm in the process of reinstating my membership (finally retired, quit playing live music, etc. - have more time on my hands than I've had in quite a while). Anyway, I thought you would like to know this: If you remember giving me three Amano shrimp back in the day, I asked you how long they might live, and you told me three years. Well, two of them dutifully passed between two and three years later, however one of them didn't die until January of this year (2019). I figure that he was 13+ years old! We called him Methuselah, and the grandchildren had fun looking for him in the Java moss. We called it a "shrimp sighting" when he showed himself. Hope you are well and happy.


    "Allah does not deduct from man's allocated days those hours spent in fishing."