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  • Bald Eagle Sighting

    A friend of mine, now working for Hamilton County Park District, told me that an eagle has been spotted in Winton Woods - near the Harbor overflow parking lot. Keep your eyes peeled.
    Eric Jacobsen
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    There's one hanging around the waters edge on the Miami River in Hamilton. I see lots of vehicles pulled over taking pics on my way home.
    Pretty awesome to see this majestic bird so close to home.


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      One morning about 8 years ago, I was pulling out of the driveway and my eye caught something big flying down the street over the front yards of the houses. It was a bald eagle. I was so excited, I immediately called the Winton Woods Naturalist. He said they had had a couple calls about a bald eagle.

      If you ever have a chance to stay at Maumee Bay Resort (Ohio State Park) just east of Toledo, you can sit out in the yard and watch the bald eagles. Maumee Bay is situated near several wildlife refuges and the bald eagles are known to nest there. One morning, we sat at the edge of Lake Erie enjoying our coffee, watching the eagles fly from the refuge on the right, across the water in front of us, to another location to the west of the resort. LOL.. one afternoon at the pool, a bald eagle flew over the pool. Everyone stood and pointed!

      Fun Bald Eagle fact.... bald eagles do not build new nests every year, they simply add onto an existing nest. The largest ever recorded weighed something like 2 tons.
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        I live in Anderson Township and there is a pair ha going around Newtown. I was driving to pick up Dinner in Newtown and passed the Hatchery there. And imagine that a huge eagle was perched on the tree overlooking the fish ponds. Another was a few trees down. Smart birds!


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          Very cool. Thanks.
          Jerry R