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Need web hosting advice.

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  • Need web hosting advice.

    I would like to set up 3 web sites. Low traffic sites, nothing fancy but must have web building tools included. Preferably free. Any recommendations or tips?

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    Deb just started one with godaddy. $18.00 for 2 yrs, but there are other charges when you build on it.
    She looked around and thought she got a good deal for what she needed.


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      Todd has one as well. Might ask him...
      "The Dude abides..."


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        Thanks all.


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          Steve, don't know if you've every considered it, but you can also check out Amazon Web Services. There are some tools for development, but it does require you to know a bit more about what you're doing. However, you can run your server for free for a year and build your site on your server. They also offer elasitc IP which will allow you to get a set IP address and register the website name as a DNS. Which is also free. I've done this for voice chat servers for online gaming, but there are many other potential applications. These options would also accommodate the traffic you are working with.
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            I currently own 7 websites in which 4 are blogs and 3 are local websites, all are built on WordPress I am using managed WordPres hosting service by Cloudways where I easily manage all my websites through their platform, You can also host PHP, Magento and other apps on their platform. I would suggest you to go with them for better performance.


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              Thanks for the update Alex.