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  • krobia xinguensis

    SOLD krobia xinguensis 4 adults for sale. 30$ total for all 4 I believe 3 male and 1 female. One male is pretty beat up as the group is trying to breed. Wanted to sell here to make sure they go to a good home. Iím down to one tank and one quarantine tank so I just donít have the tanks to breed them properly. I would trade for one super red Severum.
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    I saw a pair sell on Aquabid for $52.00, a trio at the OCA sell for $60.00 and you're offering at least a pair and 2 extras for only $30.00? Nice fish !! Nice price !!!


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      Yup I know how much they're worth. Was just hoping to get them to a good home on here since Ive had them for 3 years. Glen these are actually your fry from 3 years ago. I live in the Loveland/Maineville area and would deliver them within a reasonable driving distance.