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  • Tubbin plants

    Have the following plants for sale. These are bog plants.

    Bog Bean Menyanthes Trifolia One rhizome Stem; $5.00 each
    • Hardy Bog Plant
      • Will winter over in outside tubs as well as ponds.
    • Blooms April To July
    • Increases Natural Filtration
    • Great, quick, and easy HAP plant!
    Bog Bean is an interesting perennial marginal plant that occurs naturally in bogs and marshes across Asia, Europe, and North America. Bog Bean is characterized by a horizontal rhizome with alternate, trifoliate leaves. The olive-green trefoil leaflets will stick out of the water up to 6" and have spikes of pink and white flowers with fringed petals. Bog Bean should be grown in a planting container, as it can be an invasive plant if left to roam planting shelves on its own, which makes individual Bog Bean plants extremely suitable for container water gardening.

    Dwarf Cattail Typha minima 1-2 Plants $8.00 each
    • Hardy Bog Plant
      • Will winter over in outside tubs as well as ponds
    • Blooms Through Summer
    • Increases Natural Filtration
    • Great, quick, and easy HAP plant for those new starter tubs!
    Dwarf Cattails are a decorative and much smaller version of the Common Cattail. Dwarf Cattails are great for smaller ponds, tubs, or water gardens, and should always be planted in one-gallon or larger containers to get the maximum amount of growth from them. Dwarf Cattails very narrow green foliage and look grass-like, with a small, dark brown flower spikes (catkin) emerging later in the growing season.
    The catkin grows approximately 1" long in dwarf species. The flower contains both male flowers (pollen-producing first) and female flowers (seed-bearing below). The flower starts out green and turns the signature brown by mid season. When fully mature, the catkin bursts open, dispersing white-cottony seeds with the wind. Dwarf Cattails are able to reach a height of 12" to 18", grows best with 1" to 6" of water covering the planting container and spreads rapidly via rhizome runners.

    Can deliver to meeting and can deliver to the BBQ at Chateau Benes

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    Marcus - put me down for one of each. I'll see you next week at the May 19 meeting. Thanks!

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      Gotcha Eric
      There is always a bigger fish. . . . . .


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        I'll take a bog bean.


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          I,ll take a bog bean
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