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African cichlid breeding groups (or near breeding groups)

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  • African cichlid breeding groups (or near breeding groups)

    For all you breeders out there, or anyone just looking for a nice big species only group, check out the below deals! Prices listed are for the full groups. Fish can be sold in smaller quantities at normal prices (considerably higher). A lot of these groups have bred, or will be breeding very soon!!

    1. Aulonocara gertrudae 13 fish total,* one 5" male (bad eye but still breeds), all others are 3-3.5" several other males coloring up. $75 for all.

    2. Aulonocara red shoulder 2.5"+ 2m/6f $50 for all.

    3. Buccochromis spectabilis 8 fish total. One 6" male good color,* 7 other mixed sexes between 3.75-5.5" $125 for the group.

    4. Chilotilapia euchilus 3-4" 15 unsexed (female heavy), one 6" Stud male. $150 for all.

    5. Copadichromis chrysonatus 14 total fish. Two males @ 5"+, 12 mostly female @ 4"+ $115 for the whole group.

    6. Dimidiochromis dimidiatus 3-3.5" 14 total fish. Several males starting to color up. $100 for all.

    9. Placidochromis electra makonde yellow black fin,* 18 fish total,* 3-3.5" $95

    10. Metriaclima lime,* 10 fish total,* 4", one or two males, all the rest are females. $60 for all.

    11. Nimbochromis livingstoni 10 fish,* 3-3.5". Unsexed but a few males should start coloring soon. I've pulled a few males out already, so it should have more females.* $60 for all.

    12. Leleupi,* 6 fish total, 2.5-2.75" both sexes,* $35 for all.

    13. Placidochromis johnstoni,* 18 fish total,* 3-4" several males, a good amount of females. $125

    14. Red empress,* 20 fish total. 3-3.5", a few males just starting to color, heavy females. $100 for all. Can throw in a stud 6" male for another $35 if bought with the group.

    15. Protomelas spilonotus sulphur head hap,* 14 fish total, 3-4", several males coloring up, even sexes. $100

    16. Protomelas yellow chin pombo, 13 fish total, 3.5-4"+, one male coloring up, even sexes. $100
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