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    One catfish for me - Tatia intermedia "Driftwood Cat". The fry are now 1" and slightly longer. Adults will be 5" +/-. They're gentle fish and mostly nocturnal - except when it's feeding time. They will spawn in tap water, but for eggs to hatch, very soft water is required. For more info, simply Google "Tatia intermedia" or look to Planet Catfish.
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    Two for me.

    Poecilia SP. Rio Inirida - Described as a wild type close cousin of the guppy. The males have an unusually long tail for wild type & are nicely colored. - They stay pretty small are nice and active and would be great for a nano tank.

    Labidochromis Caeruleus "Nkhata Bay" (White Lab) - 8 Fry & are a few months old and coming in on 1", very lively, eating small sinking pellets. These are uncommon in the hobby, original group was obtained from Dave's Rare Fish.


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      Pelvicachromis subocellatus “Moanda”. Kribensis type dwarf cichlid. One of the prettiest females in the entire genus when spawning. Check them out on google images they’re pretty darn sweet. Parents are wild, so these are F1’s.
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        I have 6 species I am going to bring to the meeting.

        The first 5 are all cichlids:

        Copadichromis virginalis "sp. Gold Crest" These are a really peaceful hap and are also a CARES fish

        Protomelas insignis Also called the one and a half bar hap the males develop a really nice blue and yellow body

        Haplochromis lividus "Murchison Bay" This is a super colorful Victorian and are about 3 to 4 weeks from showing some outstanding color

        Julidochromis marlieri a really nice rock dweller from Tanganyika super playful with the rocks.

        Pelvicachromis pulcher This is just the standard krib, but still really nice.

        Lastly a livebearer:

        Ameca splendens also called the butterfly splitfin. They max out at ~2-2.5 inches and are fairly peaceful but can also hold their own with some of the meanest cichlids.