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Apisto cacatuoides triple red fry

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  • Apisto cacatuoides triple red fry

    Some of my apisto fry... Love how their belly turns red after they gorge on live bbs
    The pictures are not great and i apologize for the water marks on the glass.... but i am so excited about having these i had to post them...

    Got the pair about 1 inch size from eric (richmond) back in november. Fed the fish on frozen brine shrimp and they almost doubled in size in a month. Amazing quality fish.

    I think they have spawned at least once or twice before, but didnt see fry (maybe the male ate them). This time i removed the male, (eric had advised me about this). Sure enough i saw the female herding the fry around in a few days. I had counted about 17 odd fry ... in about a week they were down to 12. Now almost 3 weeks later i still have 12 left and they are growing. The female really turns bright yellow when she is herding the fry... Its an amazing experience...

    Now the females color is returning back from the bright yellow, so will soon be moving the fry out to a grow out tank and reintroduce the male to the female.

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    Very cool !! Did they spawn in a cave, pot, slate, in the open? Congratulations !!


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      Thanks for sharing Rahul! Those are great shots - I really like the first picture.
      One of these days, when your family obligations permit, I hope to see you at some meetings. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through The Trading Post and a few PM's. Thank you!
      Eric Jacobsen
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        @Glen... The first 2 times they spawned in a pot turned on the side.. it was too exposed though.. i added a piece of driftwood this time. The driftwood has a natural curve, which creates a cave facing on the back of the tank. This "cave" is not visible to people and affords privacy to the apisto.

        A few days before they hatched i had actually lifted the driftwood to see what the female was up to (not knowing there were fry).. Didn't see the fry then either.... so its really a testament to the quality of the fish (thanks again Eric) and the natural instinct of the female, she didn't eat the fry. If it was an angelfish they would have eaten the fry, after that kind of disturbance....

        That is why you have to love cichlids.... A lot of my friends don't undertand why i love this hobby so much... but then they don't get to enjoy a protective female apisto raising her brood!!!

        @Eric=> The pleasure has been all mine. Have got to learn a lot from you.
        I will definitely join up soon (have somethings going on which are taking up time), but in a few months i should get them out of the way.


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          Picture of the parents..


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            my young pair of Apisto cacatuoides triple reds

            Click image for larger version

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            my young pair of Apisto cacatuoides triple reds
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              I love these fish! RVS and Tre... your pics and great and the fish look amazing!!
              GCAS Treasurer


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                Got another batch... they spawned again....female is herding more fry... and the first batch now 2.5 months old is showing some color in the dorsal fins... great experience